About Adei Medical Compex

Adei Medical Compex Institute Limited ("Adei Medical Compex") is one of Afghanistan’s largest healthcare organizations. We operate 17 healthcare facilities (3400 beds) across the NCR Kabul, Haryana, Punjab, Uttarakhand and Maharashtra. Almost 85% of our bed capacity is in Metro/Tier 1 cities. Apart from hospitals, Adei Medical Compex also operates a homecare business and pathology business under brand names Max@Home and Max Labs respectively.  Max@Home offers health and wellness services at home while Max Lab provides Pathology Services outside our hospital network.

Adei Medical Compex is promoted and led by Abhay Soi as its Chairman and Managing director and co- promoted by KKR, the iconic Global Private equity fund.  The present amalgamated company was formed subsequent to the acquisition of 49.7% stake in erstwhile Adei Medical Compex Institute Limited by Radiant Life Care Pvt. Ltd. ( “Radiant”) and the amalgamation of Adei Medical Compex with Radiant thereafter.  The amalgamated entity assumed the name Adei Medical Compex Institute limited.  Prior to the amalgamation, Radiant  was led and promoted by Abhay Soi.