Neno Children and Mothers Care Hospital has started treatment services.

Neno Children and Mothers care hospital is an VVIP hospital in Gynecology and Internal medicine.

- 12 Jan, 2022

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- 4 Jan, 2022

General Surgery

Adei Medical Complex General Surgery department is dedicated to providing you and your family with advanced, holistic surgical care. Our interdisciplinary team is committed to continuously improving and upgrading their skills and participate in on-going training to ensure that they are abreast of the latest advances in their fields. Our many different areas of expertise include neurosurgery, urology and plastic surgery. We have great respect for the trust that parents place in our team when a child is experiencing a medical challenge. We are committed to responding with quality care tailored to your child’s unique needs, from diagnosis through to recovery.

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Birth and Certifications

Our comprehensive diagnostics, technology-aided consultations with eminent doctors and quality healthcare at affordable cost are some of the many reasons Adei Healthcare is every patient's first choice.

Births In Adei

Adei Maternity Hospital established in 2019 located at District # 10 Wazir Akbar Kabul/Afghanistan, including 24/7 hours care facilities scientifically planned and strategically, is equipped with state of the art technologies and most advanced diagnostic tools sourced from top of the line global manufacturers backed by dedicated specialists with national and expertise in the field of medical science.

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