Neno Children and Mothers Care Hospital has started treatment services.

Neno Children and Mothers care hospital is an VVIP hospital in Gynecology and Internal medicine.

- 12 Jan, 2022

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- 4 Jan, 2022

Adei Maternity Hospital

Adei is the word that Afghans use especially children for their mother As the Mother is a kindest, most sympathetic, better nurturer to the children and wonderful creation of the nature. Words are not enough to describe her. She is the friend, teacher and defender. Giving birth to be not easy but she never gave up. She has kind nature and she teaches how to handle problems without getting nervous. She encourages and motivates us. She also teaches us the lessons of love, caring, life and struggle. As a result of her hard work, she is a good example how a mother can be a best teacher and servant as well. So Adei try to have all mentioned qualities for their clients and Afghan people especially women and children.

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